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Nissan GU Patrol Wheel Mount Light Kit

Nissan GU Patrol Wheel Mount Light Kit

You’ve been traveling all day in your Nissan Patrol to get to that special camping spot only to arrive after sunset. Setting up camp is a challenge at the best of times but doing it in the dark can be an absolute pain, add to the mix a couple of tired, hungry young kids and it can be doubly painful!

In the past the practice was to point the front of your Nissan Patrol into the camp site and use the headlights to illuminate the area. If you have ever done this there is a good chance you know the feeling of waking up to a flat battery the following morning.

To make life easier and camping more enjoyable NissanGUPatrol.com now offer an LED rear work light kit. This spare wheel mount light kit locates the light where you need it, near the cargo area of your Patrol. Setting up camp in the dark will never be easier thanks to the great light that the 27W LED pumps out. Mounted high up on the rear work light bracket the light shines down reducing the dazzle in your eyes that a lower mount rear work light bracket can cause.

Have you ever found yourself stumbling around in the dark trying to find your way to bed after you have turned the camp lights out? Well our team have thought about that as well and come up with a remote control kit to further enhance the functionality of our spare wheel mount light kit. By fitting the remote kit to your rear work light you can now climb into your tent or swag then using the remote control turn the light off. Not only that, you can also dim your spare wheel mount light to 50% using the remote. Hey, you can even use your rear work light as a reversing light using the remote control as well.

To make sure your work light works first time every time our team have developed a triple insulated wiring system to prevent the cable rubbing through the rear work light bracket and pole. Not only do we use double insulated cable, we further protect the cable via the use of grommets at both the lower and upper exit point on the rear work light pole. Always thinking about protecting your Nissan Patrol we have removed the need to drill holes in your panels by using out tried and tested power bolt to route the power from inside the rear door to the outside.

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