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With the Winter months upon us here in Australia, our rivers and creeks are beginning to fill to higher levels than we saw over Summer. Crossing a river at the best of times has its dangers but when rivers start running faster and deeper it can be a recipe for disaster.  

Here I have put together a timely reminder of just what can go wrong. Take a look at these ten river crossing fails and learn what not to do next time your out and about in your 4WD.

Just remember too, a well prepared vehicle with snorkel, winch and driveline breather extensions is a must if you intend to travel through deep water.

Fail #1: Learner Driver Swept Downstream

Learning to drive can be fun and rewarding not to mention a little scary. This Learner driver got more than he bargained for when the Patrol he was driving was swept down stream. Look what happened at the end.....you won't believe it!

Fail #2: Doomed From The Start

The water looked still enough but this D22 Navara driver didn't anticipate the depth of the river. Turning your 4WD into a boat isn't a good idea. Oh....and look at what recovers the poor Nissan!

Diff breather kit Nissan GU Patrol river crossing fail

Fail #3: Where's The Croc!

Epic recovery of a Nissan Navara from a croc infested river. Watch as a crane is brought in to retrieve the Navara from the river. Would you get in the water to hook up the chain?

Fail #4: Will He Back Out?

It's like going swimming, dip you toe in to test the water then jump right in. Wait....did you check the depth of the water first?

Fail #5: If At First You Don't Succeed....

The old saying goes"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again". Well this young "P" plater certainly did try time and time again. Did he succeed, well....

Fail #6: Row, Row Row Your Boat!

The mighty Nissan Patrol is a great offroad vehicle. This enthusiastic Patrol owner takes offroading to the extreme. Maybe he should have bought a boat!

Fail #7: I Might Just Have A Lie Down

When I get tired I go have a lie down but is that what your Patrol is meant to do? This shorty finds the going too tough and decides to have a lie down. Not only that, his mate joins him as well.

Fail #8: Trawling For Crocs

Trawling for croc's with a camper trailer. Surely spending this much time in the water can't be good for your Patrol or camper. I'll let you be the judge......

Fail #9: I'll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Lucky his mates were there to help, all be it a little slow. I think someone will be sleeping in a soggy bed tonight.

Fail #10: Just Playing In A Puddle

You know those times when you think you shouldn't but you do it anyway......Have a look at what happens to this Patrol in an innocent looking rut full of water. Not only that,  watch as spectators come flocking like seagulls to the tip!