Nissan GU Patrol Series IV Snorkel

Suit Series IV, 09/2004 onward


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Don’t Enter The Water Without Protection!

Attempting deep water crossings without a snorkel kit installed can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. Our Nissan GU Patrol Snorkel Kit significantly increases the engines intake height thus, preventing water from entering your engine, plus! with its engineered ram type intake head, engine airflow is significantly improved saving on fuel costs!

The Nissan GU Series Snorkel Kit is made from UV resistant Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. These precision engineered snorkels are manufactured to suit your vehicle model and fit snugly and neatly against the bodywork. With its quality construction and securely sealed components, you will have peace of mind against water ingress and leaks.


Nissan GU Patrol Wagon (Y61) 09/2004 onwards
Diesel TD42-T 4.2Litre-I6
Diesel ZD30DDTI 3.0Litre-I4
Petrol TB48E 4.8Litre-I6

Snorkel Head Air Effect:

Increasing engine performance and efficiency whilst on the go is achieved as air is forced into the snorkel head; this means more air in the combustion chamber – ultimately having a positive effect on fuel economy and outright performance.



What is included in this snorkel kit?

The snorkel kit comes with all the necessary components for the installation. You will however need to provide some polyurethane sealer and the tools needed to perform the fitment.

Can I fit this snorkel kit myself?

Yes, provided you have the tools require and feel confident drilling a large hole in the guard of your Patrol.

How will I know where to drill the holes?

The snorkel kit comes with a template to accurately locate the holes to be drilled.

How long will it take to fit this snorkel kit?

A person with average mechanical ability should be able to fit this kit in about 2 hours.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Snorkel Body
  • 1 X Air Intake Ram
  • 1 X Intermediate Pipe
  • 1 x Airbox Adaptor <?li>
  • 1 X Snorkel Bracket
  • 3 X Mounting Studs, Washers & Nuts
  • 3 X Snorkel to Pillar Mounting Bolts & Washers
  • 3 x Worm Drive Clamps
  • 3 x Pop Rivets
  • 1 X Drilling Template
  • 1 X Fitting Instructions

Fittings Instructions

Download Instructions