Diff Breather Extension Kit – 4 Port

GU Patrol Driveline Breather Extension Kit – 4 Port

Now being shipped with black hose for a stealth look!

Front Differential
Rear Differential
Transfer Case



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Did you know that the wading depth of the Nissan Patrol is only 700mm! You can greatly improve this by simply extending your driveline breathers.


What is included in the kit?

The kit comes with all the necessary components for the installation. The only other requirement is a small amount of thread tape.

Can I fit this myself?

Yes. however the kit requires you to access the top of the gearbox and transfer case to install the breather adaptors. Although this can be done at home, it is best performed on a vehicle hoist which is why we recommend you get your mechanic to install the kit.

Do I need any special tools to fit this breather extension kit?

No, we have designed this product in such a way that only basic hand tools are required to install it.

How long does it take to fit this breather extension kit?

Fitment will vary greatly depending on ability and access to a vehicle hoist. A competent mechanic with a vehicle hoist should be able to fit this kit in approximately 2 hours.

Kit Contents:

  • 2 x Laser Cut Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • 4 X Self Drilling Screws
  • 2 X 1/8 BSP to 6mm fittings
  • 2 X 1/8 BSP to 6mm 90 degree fittings
  • 4 X 1/8 BSP F to 6mm Bulk Head Fittings
  • 4 X 1/8 BSP filter
  • 1 X 12 Meters 6mm PU hose
  • 25 X Cable Ties
  • 5 X “P” Clamps
  • 1 X Comprehensive Fitting Instructions (Online)

Fittings Instructions

Download Instructions