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Nissan GU Patrol Chassis Differences

There are a number of different chassis configuration throughout the Nissan GU Patrol model range. Of interest to anybody considering fitting a Winch Cradle is the "Crush Can" area on the front of each rail as shown below.

Chassis Hole Configuration

Found on all models and used for chassis alignment during manufacture. Not used for winch cradle fitment. 

Found on some models only. If present it may not have a captive nut fitted. If not present this hole will need to be drilled to fit the winch cradle. 

Found on all models. This is the hole used to mount the rear of the winch cradle. 

D Found on some models only. This hole is not used for winch cradle mounting. 

E & F Found on all models however some models may have captive studs instead of threaded holes. Does not effect winch cradle fitment however bullbar removal will necessitate the removal of the bullbar brackets from the bullbar.  

For vehicles that do not have hole B or do not have the captive nut in hole B you will need to order the nut kit. 

Nut Kit Installation

Step 1

Mark hole location on chassis rail as shown and drill 13mm diameter hole.

Step 2

Lift flange on the end of the chassis rail.

Step 3

Using a Ring or Open End spanner, insert the nut through the opening and align with the hole.

Step 4

Secure nut in place using bolt from above. 

Note: Ensure winch cradle is in position.

Step 5

Close end of chassis rail.